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Thursday, 2020-06-04

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Memorandum of Understanding between NAFEMS, AFNeT, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip on behalf of LOTAR and CAE-IF


To formalize the cooperation with the LOTAR Engineering Analysis and Simulation Working Group (EAS...

LOTAR International Project venturing into new areas


With the advancement of its key target data format standards, most of all STEP AP242 Edition 2, the...

New parts of the LOTAR standard on their way to publication


The LOTAR project finalized five parts of the EN/NAS standards series for long-term archiving and...

LOTAR Workshop in St. Simons Island, USA


The Engineering Analysis and Simulation (EAS) workgroup reached out to vendors of Computer-Aided...

Memorandum of Understanding between LOTAR EAS and NAFEMS


LOTAR International’s Engineering Analysis and Simulation Working Group and NAFEMS have issued a...