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Thursday, 2020-06-04

LOTAR Workgroups


In order to develop the domain-specific part of the LOTAR Standard, the project group has divided itself into Workgroups, each dealing with a particular domain. These workgroups are comprised of domain experts of the LOTAR member companies, where many users are represented in several of these workgroups, depending on their business needs. A new workgroup can be started if enough members companies express their interest in a new topic, and are willing to support it.

The result of the work of each workgroup are parts for the LOTAR standard, where a range of numbers is reserved for each domain. Workgroups can also create sub-teams to deal with specific topics, conduct pilots to verify results, and in this context work closely together with the relevant Implementor Forums.

During the LOTAR workshops every three months, about half of the workship time is reserved for team breakout sessions, during which the Workgroups meet separately to advance the work in their respective areas. Between the workshop, there are regular conference calls for each Workgroup, where action items are being tracked and intermediate results presented. Currently, the following Workgroups are active within LOTAR: