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Monday, 2020-04-06

Working together

The regular LOTAR International Workshops take place 4 times a year, 2 in Europe, hosted by the European Project Leader, and 2 in US, hosted by the US Project Leader. An agenda for the meetings is provided by the project leaders in advance. The host Project Leader is responsible for taking and publishing the minutes, and the presentations and supporting information will be made available on a casa by case basis in the LOTAR International Teamspace. The Workgroups get connected by Web-sessions and Conference Calls.

The virtual project environment, Teamspace, is used by the project group as the central communication tool. The general rules and regulations for using Teamspace are made available to the project partners. Additional, project-specific provisions can also be stipulated. The Project Steering Council (PSC) decides on a case-by-case basis that, in addition to the project partners, is granted access to Teamspace.

It is up to those involved in the individual project groups to decide to what extent the other functionality offered by Teamspace is used. This functionality includes, for example, sending messages, holding discussions and assigning tasks.